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Are Video Doctor Appointments the Waves of the Future?

Are Video Doctor Appointments the Waves of the Future?

April 28
18:02 2017

Telehealth is big news these days and the story is getting favourable responses throughout Canada. There are many reasons people are interested in remote health services via video appointments.

Not only does it offer benefits for many health care providers, but also for busy executives who don’t have time in their schedules to be sick – much less trek into the doctor’s office every time it happens. These are a few of the reasons video doctor appointments are receiving such rave reviews.

Save Valuable Time

There isn’t enough good that can be said about this. Time is the one commodity business Canadians can never get back once lost. Travelling to your doctor’s office for appointments wastes precious minutes not only in the commute, but also in the time you spend waiting to see the doctor once you arrive. That doesn’t count things like traffic jams, finding a place to park, and countless other things that make going to the doctor so painful in the first place. These things are all eliminated with video conferencing that can be done from the comfort of your own home or office.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

Nine times out of ten, you will find that the doctor’s office waiting area is filled with sick people. People who may have different illnesses or strains than you do. Spend a few minutes waiting there and you could leave with far more germs and sickness than you walked in with. Video conferencing with your physician reduces your exposure to additional germs, viruses, bacteria, and more – creating a much healthier environment from which you can see your doctor.

The Convenience Factor

For many busy executives, mothers, and more, the idea of breaking up the day to go see a doctor is often worse than being sick in the first place. Leaving the office, home, or other locations for a doctor’s appointment is an unwelcome interruption in the day for most people and should, honestly, be avoided when it isn’t absolutely necessary. Video visits allow you to do that for minor illnesses and injuries.

Clears Up Congestion in the Doctor’s Office

The more people who take advantage of telehealth services available to them the less congestion you will experience in the doctor’s office. This reduces exposure to additional germs and wait times alike. This means the doctor can see the patients who need to be seen by physicians for testing and treatment can see the doctor faster. Considering that the person in question might be you at some point, this is a huge benefit to consider.

Taking advantage of video doctor appointments might do more good for the state of your health than you realize. Not only does it encourage you to seek medical help and intervention when needed – because it is infinitely more convenient – but it also helps to minimize wait times while maximizing the time you get to spend with your doctor whether you’re visiting in the office or courtesy of the World Wide Web.

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