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The Career Outlook for Public Health Majors

The Career Outlook for Public Health Majors

July 28
11:43 2017

When it comes to getting a degree in public health, there are many obvious benefits. With many career paths to choose from, great job stability, and a chance to work in one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, the perks for public health graduates just keep growing. Here are just a few reasons why a major in public health is a solid investment in the future.

Great Job Prospects

Whether you want to learn how you can obtain a masters in public health online or are interested in pursuing a more traditional path at a top school like Princeton University, the job prospects for public health graduates are only getting stronger. With many different careers to choose from, including jobs that focus on community health, nutritional health, and health communications and public relations, there’s truly something for every graduate no matter how diverse their interests are. Whether you’re pursuing a career as an environmental scientist, a healthcare administrator, or a biostatistician, a degree in public health will prepare you for any route you’re looking to take in the health field.

High Salaries

In addition to public health jobs being in high demand, they’re also very often attached to high salaries. Competitive jobs in research and study, such as environmental scientists, begin at a salary of around $64,000 per year. That number can escalate to about $110,000 per year in a few years after getting some raises. Most healthcare administrators make an average of about $88,000 per year, while Health Specialty Teachers make around $112,000 per year. Even in fields like education and research, the starting pay for most public health jobs is significantly higher than in other industries. The growth rate for these salaries is also extraordinarily high, with most public health job salaries projected to grow by about 20 percent in four years’ time.

Industry Growth

With healthcare becoming more and more of the national and political focus, the need for skilled public health degree holders in the workplace will only increase within the next few years. Having knowledge of how to protect, educate, and guide communities into a healthier, safer future will come in handy in just about any field you decide to pursue. From administration to public relations to direct work in hospitals or labs, a degree in public health will make you an invaluable resource to any company in addition to putting you a cut above the competition.

A Community-Oriented Outlook

First and foremost, public health is about caring for and protecting communities. It doesn’t matter how you choose to use your career or pursue your education. If you’re interested in protecting vulnerable communities big and small from health-related issues, a career in public health is the best choice. From scientists and researchers who commit their lives to studying diseases and preventing outbreaks, to health administrators who keep hospitals and other care facilities running smoothly, to educators who help to spread knowledge to communities, your education in public health will be giving you the tools to make a real difference in the world.


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